Our Master Bedroom!

You know those posts that are a looooooong time in the making, as in years?  This is totally one of those posts.  They seem to be common on this blog.  I admit to this.

Since we moved back to KC in 2009, our master bedroom has been an ongoing project.  So ongoing, that I have never even posted about it.  Instead, I have silently carried it with me in my blogger shroud of shame.  The master bedroom had actually turned into one of my least favorite rooms in the house, because I could never make up my mind on what I wanted to do with the room.  Different bedding here, new pillows there, swapping out a dresser… it was always something.  Eventually the bedroom turned into a big beige box with beige and cream bedding, beige walls and beige curtains.  BEIGE. That’s when I hit my low point. 

I liked the neutral walls and I didn’t want to paint, but this room needed some color.  At the same time, I wanted the room to remain relaxing and earthy-modern.  That left me with the option of changing out the bedding to overhaul this sucker.  Bedding is just the best for that, because you can swap it out whenever you want and totally change things up.  One trip to Target or a few pokes on a website or two, and you have a different room!

I won’t bore you with all the details on the different things I tried in here…instead we’ll just cut to the chase and get to the pictures already.  After all, that’s the best part, right?

Here’s a before pic.  This was taken many moons ago, back in 2007 before we moved to Atlanta.


Here she is now:

bedroom 4

We have a lot of colors from the spice family on our first floor, so I wanted to stay within that range, but also change it up just a bit and infuse a new color or two.  I never thought I would go with anything purple-y or wine-y, but I really like the end result.  I also had 2 euro shams from Crate and Barrel that I wanted to use since I had purchased them within the last year, so that had to be woven in somehow.  Last but not least, I was tired of duvet covers and their bunchiness, so we decided we wanted a quilt.  Yes, the list of requirements was long.  Enter this Moroccan-inspired quilt from JCP.  I’m really happy with how it looks.  I like the richness, but it’s still cozy and relaxed, not too fancy.

bedroom 2

Here’s a picture of the old artwork.  I had to use an iPhone picture that I took when I was about 12 weeks pregnant, because I never took a before picture of the art prior to overhauling it. I bought this artwork in 2007 to go with this duvet set that we had from Crate and Barrel.  It went perfectly with our old bedding… blue/brown with silver frames.  But with the new stuff, not so much.

bedroom art before 

I liked the shapes of the frames and they were already measured and hung on the wall.  Now I just needed to change out the actual art.  I used some Antique Gold Rub & Buff on the frames to change their color. (Love Rub & Buff, highly recommend!) Then I took apart the frames, painted the mats a cream color, covered the art with a cabernet colored cardstock, and glued some jewelry pendants on top.  Voila!  This whole mini-project put me back $16.

bedroom art

Here’s one of the dressers in the room.  We don’t have matching dressers in an effort to go for that “collected over time” look.  This is the Hemnes dresser from Ikea.  It’s a nice piece, quality wood and deep drawers.  For $275, it’s really a good deal.  The glass bottles were found at TJ Maxx (of course!) on clearance for $7 each.  We need to bump the mirror up a few inches… that’s on the to do list.  It was already hung on the wall before getting the dresser and we just haven’t gotten around to moving it yet.  Such is life.

bedroom dresser

It’s amazing how much a baby on the way will get your arse in gear to finish projects.  I can officially say this one is (mostly) crossed off the list!

bedroom 4

Source List:

Paint: Barley Field by Behr (a close match is Sharkey Grey by Martha)

Quilt, Throw Pillow and King Shams: JCP

Euro Shams: Crate and Barrel

Tall wood dresser: Ikea

Curtains: JCP

Espresso nightstands, bedframe, and double dresser: House of Denmark

Artwork Above Bed: DIY

Glass Bottles: TJ Maxx


Audrey said...

I am loving the new artwork! You are so creative lady when it comes to decorating!

Ryann Wilds said...

You're a great writer, my love, and the bedroom looks fab.

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